Vacume tube 813 لامپ 813-برند

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813 یک لامپ خلا پرقدرت است که برای استفاده به عنوان تقویت کننده و نوسان ساز توان rf و همچنین تقویت کننده و تعدیل کننده قدرت af طراحی شده است.

The 813 beam power tube was very popular with amateur radio operators following WW II. The tube remained a staple of amateur radio until single sideband became a popular operating mode in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. Featuring a graphite plate with an ICAS dissipation rating of 125 watts the tube was very economical and a pair could provide legal limit operation (1 kilowatt input) on CW or AM. Later tubes manufactured by RCA and Amperex featured an improved plate made of zirconium-coated nickel.

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لامپ 813-برند
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